Kacia Hughett

Project Manager

Ever since watching the Liberty Mutual Pay it Forward commercial as a kid, Kacia knew she wanted to find a job that would help communicate the good in the world. Now as a project manager, she gets to help business owners bring their ideas to life, share them with the world, and watch them grow. She has a background in program management and is detail-oriented and organized, loves budgets, timelines, and goals, and basically makes everyone’s life easier. Kacia graduated from UNK with a major in business administration-marketing and a minor in graphic design.

Currently, her toddler daughter is master of the house but when she’s sleeping, Kacia and her husband Jordan catch up on their favorite TV shows and movies or play board games. If money was no object, she’d be traveling the world and training to be a boss-level master chef.

Who or what is the biggest inspiration to your job?

Small town business owners looking to grow their dreams! It’s so exciting knowing that we’re a part of making someone’s dreams become a reality.

How would you describe your job to a 4 year old?

I help people make cool things on the computer!

Three hashtags that best describe David.

#positivity #enthusiasm #emojis

Voted most likely to _______ in high school.

Become a teacher – is it close enough that I married one?!

What would you do with a million dollars?

Invest it all, watch it grow, and then travel (olympics 2026 in Italy, anyone?), donate to those who need it most, and cross off some bucket list items #YOLO

Work playlist.

Contemporary country or some Piano Guys. Unless we’re within a few months of December, then it’s most definitely Christmas music.

Pretend it’s 1980 and the personal computer hasn’t been invented yet. What would you do with your free time?

Whip out some board games – Life, Clue, Scrabble, Mousetrap… the classics.