Copy Editor
Teegan Nordhues

Teegan has a degree in English and a background in professional copywriting and personal blogging. She’s also spent an enormous amount of time reading everything, and working with books and libraries -- as a kid she preferred libraries in her closet instead of dolls. She took a brief hiatus from the writing life when her kiddos were born, but returned in 2016 when she realized she had plenty of nap times to fill.

When not writing or chasing after kids, she’s usually seeking out a few of her favorite things -- free pens, the color purple, homemade chocolate cake, memoirs and classical literature, bonfires, large windows, and board games as long as her opponents are under the age of 6. Also, her alter ego is a classical pianist. Most likely, your copy was written or edited while listening to Schubert, Beethoven, or Chopin.