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Building a Great Team

Oftentimes, hiring a new employee feels like a shot in the dark. Building the perfect small business team isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds; it’s difficult to know how someone will perform until you see them in action. (And to think your employees thought they were ones stressing over the screening process!) 

This last month we brought three new, incredibly talented people into our team: Josh, a developer, Matt, a designer, and Aaron, a design intern. We’re super excited to have them on board with us, and we thought this might be a good time to share with you our strategy when it comes to hiring new people.

Our tactic is simple: we prioritize diligence. We believe that sometimes it’s better to choose a passionate amateur over an arrogant professional. The key, for us, isn’t how much they know; but rather, how much they’re willing to learn. As long as we have a team composed of individuals who work well together and are driven to help our company and clients succeed, we are confident that everything else—like the particular skills our job requires—will come with time. Thus, when hiring a new person, we focus more on attitude and drive, and less on actual experience. And we love the team we’ve built this way!

How have you approached the process of building a great team? Feel free to email us, write on our Facebook wall, or send us a letter! (We might be a company that deals mainly in the realm of the world wide web, but that doesn’t impede our snail mail adoration!)

– David & the Control Yours Team (Aaron, Anne, Daniel, Emily, Jared, Jessa and Matt) 

P.S. Know anyone who might be interested in working with us? We’re currently looking for a part time developer to join our team! Have them send us a message and ask for an application: [email protected]