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Enhancing The Customer Experience


We like to think that we take the client experience pretty seriously here at Control Yours. If you haven’t already heard, we recently launched a redesign of our website—again. Why do we keep updating it? Well, what can we say… we’re all about keeping things fresh. Turning new leaves, if you will. Planting seeds. (What’s with all the plant imagery, you might be asking? Don’t worry. All will become clear when you check out our new site.) Besides that, though, we’re also constantly striving to make our services as clear-cut and client-friendly as possible. That was our main focus during our most recent redesign.


But enough about us. We thought if might be nice to mix things up a little, so in this letter we’re sharing some advice from one of the most brilliant businesses in the area. We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Jasmin, the owner of Barista’s Daily Grind, to discuss how she works to enhance the customer experience in her business.


“I really hate the idea that success is just an equation that you put the variables into,” said Jasmin. “If that was the case, everyone would be successful.” Like many businesses, Barista’s is very much shaped by things that most people will never really recognize. Every sight, smell, and sound is given careful consideration and fused together to create the coffee shop’s unique atmosphere. When a new staff member is brought onto the Barista’s team, they are carefully trained until they can meet the high standard to which every team member is held. It isn’t just about ensuring that they can do their job well, either—it’s about helping them recognize their own talent. If every person there is passionate about the work that they do, proud of the product they create, and operating by a consistent standard while reaching toward a common goal, then it all translates into a great experience both for the Barista’s team and their customers.


Every business is different, and there are no quick tips or easy fixes when it comes to the little things that make successful companies effective and unique. But one fact remains: none of us can function without our customers. If we don’t take the time to contemplate their comfort and needs, we can’t really expect them to stick with us.


What does your business do to enhance its customer experience? We’d love to hear!


– David & the Control Yours Team (Aaron, Anne, Daniel, Emily, Jared, Jessa and Matt)