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Here at Control Yours we’re always looking for awesome new things that can improve our company and help us become the best we can possible be for our clients. Some of the tools we find ourselves frequently utilizing – and that we encourage our clients to make use of as well – are web forms. They are a great way to gather information and feedback, as well as accomplish all sorts of tasks that involve collecting data from others. Unfortunately, many of the options available for creating web forms are difficult to use. Either that, or they are time-consuming and boring for whoever is filling them out.

What on earth is a small business to do?

While tumbling through the sea of overly complicated, troublesome, and/or monotonous web forms, we recently came across something called Typeform. It didn’t take us long to fall in love. For something so easy to set up, we were blown away by how fluid and elegant the forms were, and how well they worked across such a wide variety of devices.

So, of course, we couldn’t wait to share our discovery with you. If you visit, you can see one of our own forms in action! And if you find, while you’re there, that you simply can’t help yourself from answering the questions and giving us some quick feedback, we certainly won’t complain about it.

(Actually, we’ll be eternally grateful. Seriously. It will make our day.)

Your friends @ Control Yours (David, Jared, Jessa, Cody, Anne, Melissa, and Emily)

P.S. Although Typeform is free and the number of forms you can create is limitless, there is also a pro version that includes features like email notifications and adding in your business’s logo. If the paid version is something you’re interested in, you can use our referral code to get 10% off your subscription – for life!