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Website Communication

We’ve all come across them before, those websites that just don’t seem to take themselves seriously. The lack of formatting, the clashing colors, the poor grammar or blurry splash pages that look more like scanned-in fliers than actual webpages… Personally, my first thought when I come across such a website is: can I really trust this business? To be honest, if I’m not straight-up doubting their existence, I’m at the very least questioning their ability to meet my needs.

Why is this such a common gut reaction? If the goal of a website is simply to communicate information about its respective business, why couldn’t it just be a splash page? Why go to all the effort of making it look so snazzy?

I was reading Rules of Thumb by Alan Webber the other day, and at one point he talks about how everything we do communicates: how we look, the choices we make, the things that we say. As Webber says, even how we communicate communicates the things that we’re about as a person or a company. If, for example, a website is offering tutoring services and is full of relevant content that is easy to comprehend, that sends a message. On the other hand, if a site is claiming it will help you clean up your home, but the site itself is cluttered and difficult to navigate, that also sends a message—and not the kind you’re wanting.

What is the difference between a website that places a central emphasis on the prices of their products and a website that focuses more on the quality and process behind the making of their products? Neither of these approaches are bad ones, but they certainly communicate different things to their visitors. There is no “pass or fail” test when it comes to your website’s content. But all the same, the things that you include—or choose to withhold—speak volumes about who you are as a company.

This is why Control Yours works so hard to connect with you to be sure your web presence fits your brand perfectly.

– David & the Control Yours Team (Jared, Jessa, Anne, Daniel and Emily)

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Why bother finding the perfect images and writing up the most eloquent of descriptions in order to paint a particularly outstanding picture of your business?