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Creative Recommendations

Hi! We know, we know. It’s been a while. We were just thinking, “Wow, how long has it been since we sent out a newsletter? Our clients are probably checking their mailboxes daily, waiting for the next one to arrive!” … or maybe not. But hey,... [Read More]

Beautiful Design

Hi! Here at Control Yours, we view everything we do as telling part of a larger story. Sometimes we tell the stories our clients share with us. Sometimes we tell our stories. Sometimes we tell stories other people have told that we think are worth passing... [Read More]

Enhancing The Customer Experience

Hi! We like to think that we take the client experience pretty seriously here at Control Yours. If you haven’t already heard, we recently launched a redesign of our website—again. Why do we keep updating it? Well, what can we say… we’re all about keeping things... [Read More]

Building a Great Team

Oftentimes, hiring a new employee feels like a shot in the dark. Building the perfect small business team isn't nearly as simple as it sounds; it’s difficult to know how someone will perform until you see them in action. (And to think your employees thought they were ones stressing... [Read More]


Hi! Here at Control Yours, we think simplicity is the coolest thing since deciding to import coffee beans. (And—seriously—how cool is that?) We even posted about it on our Facebook page and the other day. In case you missed it, here’s the quote: ‘Simplicity is the... [Read More]

Website Communication

We've all come across them before, those websites that just don't seem to take themselves seriously. The lack of formatting, the clashing colors, the poor grammar or blurry splash pages that look more like scanned-in fliers than actual webpages... Personally, my first thought when I... [Read More]

Search Engine Optimization

“SEO” is a term that inhabits the unseen veins of cyberspace, occasionally surfacing and inspiring a profound sense of confusion and curiosity. If you’ve ever heard of it before, chances are you’ve spent some time wondering whether or not it’s something worth looking into. Thus,... [Read More]


Hi! Here at Control Yours we’re always looking for awesome new things that can improve our company and help us become the best we can possible be for our clients. Some of the tools we find ourselves frequently utilizing – and that we encourage our... [Read More]

Jelly Belly Flops

Hi! Do you ever have those moments when you’re looking at something totally random – like a bag of Jelly Belly Flops, for example – and you just think, wow… how totally ingenious. Someone somewhere at some point took a look at all the irregularly-shaped jelly... [Read More]

Some Inspiration

Hi! Our team here at Control Yours is always looking for inspiration and advice from other leaders in the industry. We consider ourselves perpetual learners. Obviously, as business owners, we understand you have limited time; however, it’s important to always seek fresh ideas & opportunities for... [Read More]

Physical Mail Is Awesome

Hi! Even though Control Yours is a web company, we value physical mail. So, we decided it would be fun to start sending out short messages to your mail box every now and then. You see, email is convenient and works well most of the time. However,... [Read More]