Located in Kearney, Nebraska, BodyWorx is an auto body repair shop that specializes in heavy duty vehicles: school buses, semi-trucks, motor coaches, RVs, shuttles, and the like. They offer everything from collision repairs, restoration, and accessory and safety services to a broad range of fleet maintenance options. Whether you’re needing minor touchups, major fixes, color changes, or whatever else, they’re ready and willing to take on just about anything.

Control Yours worked with BodyWorx to create a website that reflects the excellence and elegance that governs their business model. We kept the home page simple, implementing a scroll-through style to highlight their services, their work, and their contact information. We used grayscale images and the eye-catching green from their logo to give their site a smooth and coordinated feel. We think the work BodyWorx does is awesome, and we had a great time working with them!

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