Harmon Park Sonotorium

The Harmon Park Sonotorium Restoration Committee is made up of a group of community members in the Kearney, Nebraska area who are raising money to improve the Sonotorium at Harmon Park. This includes structural, technical, facility, and lighting upgrades. The committee wanted our help to create a landing page to tell some of the history of the Sonotorium, showcase what improvements they hope to make, and encourage people locally to get involved in this project. They have the support of the city council and the parks and recreation offices and are working closely with them to offset the cost of this construction.

We were able to incorporate vintage photographs and modern architectural drawings to give potential supporters a good vision for the project. We also made sure it is easy for visitors to the site to donate or reach out to the organizers.

We were pleased with how this landing page came out and we wish the Harmon Park Sonotorium Committee all the best as they seek to improve and beautify the Kearney community for all to enjoy!