How to Know Your Why

How to Know Your Why is all about helping people live a life of purpose and meaning. Doctor of Psychology Grand Newbold and lifeologist Betty Streff bring together to best of positive psychology and research to instruct and motivate their subscribers to craft a legacy of greatness. They offer blog posts, a paid audio subscription, a free ebook, and other resources to motivate and encourage.

Control Yours worked with How to Know Your Why to create a design as uplifting and inspiring as their business. The split header on their home page utilizes the soft blue of their logo and a pair of patterned overlays to achieve an intriguing aesthetic. The home page also includes pictures and wise words from Dr. Grant Newbold and Betty Streff, and it ties everything up with links to their latest blog posts and an opportunity to subscribe. We had a wonderful time collaborating with How to Know Your Why, and we think the work they do is truly incredible!