Kearney Rental Pros

When Wendy wanted to transition her website from Vertical Focus Realty to Kearney Rental Pros, Control Yours was glad to help. We spent time designing a new site that was fresh and modern, but still intentionally focused on Kearney and the local community.

Using photos of Kearney as background images, we created the website to feel warm and welcoming, but also included many practical features. We created logins for both tenants and owners, and made it easy for clients to fill out a maintenance request or ask rental questions on the site. The ‘Meet Our Team’ page lets visitors see the team’s friendly faces and the ‘Resources’ page provides helpful information for those who may be new to the area.

Community commitment and excellent service is what makes Kearney Rental Pros special and we were proud to help them create a website that reflects those values!