Margo Tirado has helped thousands of women from all different walks of life in finding their “Voice.” She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, an adjunct professor at Huntington University, and a passionate speaker and advocate for women’s empowerment. She offers everything from individual therapy to women’s workshops, and she has dedicated her life to helping women become the “best versions” of themselves.

Control Yours worked with Margo to design a website that would illustrate the enthusiasm and excitement she and her associates so often instill in the women who come to them. We used bright oranges and other energetic colors, sunny images, and floral designs to add to the lively feel of the website. On the home page, we positioned three points of interest—blog, counseling, and speaking— for easy access. It was truly a pleasure working with Margo, and we wish her all the best!

Margo was sent our way by another client of ours. She already had a website, but it had an older design and lacked several key features. She gave us a call, expressing her interest in working with us in redesigning her website, and we agreed upon an estimate shortly thereafter. Since then, we’ve absolutely loved partnering with Margo. She is active and dedicated to the success of her website, consistently making use of her monthly support time to implement changes and refine current features.

Margo provided us with some rough ideas to set us on the right path for the design, and we put together a handful of mockups to make sure she liked where we were heading. Part of the creative process involved helping her visualize how she wanted to represent her brand, and while designing her website we made sure to remain as true as possible to her website’s original aesthetic. We coupled floral designs and patterns with warm watercolors and autumn colors, resulting in a website that was lively and inviting in tone.

Two features that Margo specifically requested when we began the project were a subscriber list and a blog. We added opportunities to sign up for her newsletter in several places on her site, including on the home page in the form of a pop up window. We built custom layouts for each of the pages on her site, and we filled them in with the content she provided. Since launching her website, we’ve continued to expand the features and functionality on her blog page.

We showed Margo how to update her website via custom-recorded video tutorials. We walked her through her website and showed her how to add new blog posts and to edit the various pages on her site. We made these tutorials available on her client account page for her to view at any time.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • Creative and unique layouts for each page on the site.

  • Mobile accessibility and an updated, responsive design.

  • Inclusion of image links to major pages (blog, counseling and speaking) positioned on the home page. page.

  • Implementation of a blog page and integration of custom newsletter signup.

  • Training in regard to adding content, editing, and updating pages and elements.

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Assisted in the creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Adjusted site wide search functionality.
  • Added a sidebar to blog page providing personal information about Margo. Included links to social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  • Added "blog updates" section to website home page displaying recent entries by title.
  • Updated newsletter sign up functionality.