PlanterWorx was started by 5 farmers who were Precision Planting dealers and knew there had to be a better planter out there. They looked everywhere for the ideal planter and even tried to find someone who would make them a custom planter like they were envisioning. In the end, they decided to make the planter themselves. It was so successful they started making planters for other farmers, and a new business was born.

Having a presence on Facebook and Twitter, they knew it was time for their own web presence and approached Control Yours to create their website. Since most of their clientele used mobile devices, it was of utmost importance that the website be mobile friendly as well as incorporate PlanterWorx’s Twitter feed, a place for farmers to download software updates, and an easy way to view their PlanterWorx toolbars and Precision Planting products. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the guys from PlanterWorx and hope their website will be the resource they needed to take the next step in their online presence.