The Shopping Tripps designer showroom is stocked with all the finest collectibles: eye-catching furniture, seasonal decor, fine china, unique gifts, gourmet food, and much more. Located in Kearney, Nebraska, Shopping Tripps has been serving their community for over 28 years. They offer beautiful products, exceptional customer service, and superior interior design expertise.

Control Yours connected with Stacy, the owner of Shopping Tripps, about a website redesign shortly after she purchased the business in 2015. Our team worked with her to craft a site that captured the simple elegance of her store using an established color scheme and pictures of their arrangements. We put together a gift registry page and newsletter sign up option to help encourage their customers to get involved.

After a couple of years, Stacy reached out again to integrate e-commerce into her website. Without changing the look and feel of what she already had, we were able to build an online shop that worked seamlessly with her existing site. Her customers can now easily purchase her products from wherever they are.

We had a great time working with Shopping Tripps, and we wish them all the best!

Stacy bought Shopping Tripps from its previous owner in 2016, and shortly after she decided to redesign the website. She had some pretty specific ideas in mind for how she wanted the new site to look, so after sitting down to discuss the details with her, we were ready to set to work.

When Stacy first approached us, she provided us with a ‘mood board’ to help us visualize the new kind of branding she was envisioning. She was a big fan of gold textures and the color mint, and she wanted the new design to be modern and trendy. We started with the logo, using preexisting elements for the sake of recognizability while also adding in her own signature flair. The logo set the tone for designing the rest of the website.

One particular feature that Stacy requested was allowing visitors to search through gift registries created in the store itself. She wanted them to have the option to view and print off the lists of items using the website. This was perhaps the largest part of the development phase, and the rest was fairly straightforward. We implemented a simple menu at the top of the page for easy access to site pages, and we added an option to showcase sales and special offers via popup on the home page.

When she wanted to add on e-commerce a couple of years later, she had already chosen a theme that was e-commerce compatible so the development wasn’t too extensive. We simply had to find an easy way to coordinate uploading product with her and her staff since their point of sale didn’t have a way to automatically export products. Fortunately, our developers are wizards and were able to create a simple process to get their product online.

We created a custom video tutorial to walk Stacy through updating her pages and other aspects of her site. We made this tutorial available on her client account page for her to reference at any time.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • Unique and elegant design based on Stacy’s specifications

  • Easy newsletter signup option for visitors.

  • Gift registry lookup

  • Creation and implementation of popup coupons/advertisements to be shown at certain times

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Creating custom email address.
  • Designing, adding, and removing various site coupons and advertisements
  • Adjusting site logos and images.
  • Resolving footer issues on mobile.