Ward Laboratories is a full-service, agricultural testing laboratory with headquarters right here in Kearney, NE. After initially partnering with Control Yours in 2020 for a full website redesign, they approached us with another exciting opportunity: creating a new digital ad campaign to expand the reach of their soil testing services to a national and global market.

We instantly saw the sales potential and appeal of Ward’s product: an all-in-one test kit that makes sampling and submitting soil for testing a breeze for customers. We got to work creating a campaign that showcased the benefits of Ward’s terrific product and strategically invested their advertising budget to target their ideal audience.

So - moment of truth - how did we do??

Download our Digital Marketing Case Study to see the results!

Digital Advertising Case Study

Ward Laboratories is a full-service testing laboratory that has been analyzing samples for farmers, ranchers, brewers, homeowners, and producers of every kind for almost four decades. They’re headquartered right here in Kearney, NE. Their mission is to deliver data to their customers, so they can make better management decisions—whether their customer’s goal is healthier livestock, resilient crops, safe drinking water, or the perfect craft beer brew!

We wrote, designed, & developed a landing page with targeted calls-to-action (CTAs).
– Primary CTA: ‘Submit a Soil Sample.’
– Secondary CTA: ‘Tell Me More.’

Both CTAs were used to collect valuable data from potential customers, and to integrate data into ActiveCampaign for future marketing efforts.

We analyzed keywords provided by the client, suggested other keywords to use, and created copy for the digital ads themselves.

We set up a performance tracking system to see if track from the digital campaign resulted in a direct conversion – in this case, a form fill or purchase – or direct engagement with any buttons on the page.

Managing a digital ad campaign is sort of like teaching a child to ride a bike—running behind her with your hand on the seat, stabilizing, correcting, the occasional little push to get up the hill. That’s what Control Yours does for our clients. Based on the data we gather, we strategically tweak our clients’ campaigns along the way—optimizing keywords, honing in on target demographics, and updating ad copy as needed. While the initial landing page/ad setup is important, the ongoing, monthly support we provide our clients allows them to do what they do best—and leaves the data collecting and analyzing to us.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • Strategy meeting to determine: The goal for the new campaign What outcome is expected How the audience and market will be defined What persuasive copy should be written What creative will need to be designed How performance should be tracked What should be included in performance reports

  • Landing page design + copy + development + tracking

  • Google Ads account setup

  • Keyword research

  • Ad copy composed by our copywriters

  • Performance tracking setup

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Weekly ad tracking
  • Customized ad reports
  • 30 minutes of ad support time
  • Monthly meeting