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Calling Coyotes

Calling Coyotes

Randy Anderson hails from Butte Nebraska. He’s an earthmover by trade, musician by default, and predator hunter by the grace of God. He is by far, the most passionate predator hunter we know. He called in and shot his first coyote at the age of 14 and he’s been hard at it ever since.

Countless years of focused predator hunting have taught Randy Anderson how to reproduce the coyotes language. He knows what to say and when to say it. Where most predator hunters rely on distress calls to lure in coyotes, Randy speaks the language of the coyote by howling them in.

Randy came to us and wanted us to re-build his eCommerce website from the ground up. He has quite the collection of products, both tangible and digital. It’s been a privilege working with both Randy and Tyler on the new website. It’s been fun watching the orders come in from all over the United States and Canada.