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JC Cemetery Repairs

JC Cemetery Repairs

For nearly 20 years, Carlos and Sandy Campa have been carefully preserving, restoring, and cleaning the gravesites of community cemeteries throughout Nebraska. What began as a way to help fund their kids’ college education turned into a passion for preserving history and honoring ancestry that they hope to continue for a long time.

Recognizing that a website was essential to their next level of business growth, the Campas reached out to Control Yours who was recommended by a mutual friend. They were needing a website optimized for mobile devices, with easy viewing and navigation of their “before and after” photos. It was also important to make it simple for visitors to contact them. Because the Campas are incredibly busy, they also utilized one of our copywriters to help craft copy to resonate with their prospective client. We really enjoyed working with the Campas and are excited for this next step in their business!