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Mary Adamson

Mary Adamson

Mary Adamson is a singer and songwriter with experience that spans generations, denominations and genres. She taught herself to play guitar in 5th grade, and she has been singing and writing ever since. Mary has background as a pianist, violinist and soloist, and her music is inspired both by the challenges she’s faced and the love she’s known. She lives in Nebraska with her family.

Control Yours worked with Mary Adamson to create a simple, one-page website to showcase her music and share her story. We used plant visuals and elegant fonts to reflect the thoughtful, stirring songs that Mary sings. We included samples of each of her songs as well as the corresponding lyrics so visitors can get a taste of her music, and we also created a contact form at the bottom of the page so her listeners can send in their comments and questions. We had a great time working with Mary, and we wish her all the best!