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Download this powerful website assessment guide for the tools you need to turn your website into your most valuable online asset. You’ll discover five critical components of a successful website with evaluation exercises and detailed action items for each component. Through this interactive guide, you’ll identify where your website can be improved and given real steps to transform your online presence.


Discover if the way your website looks is turning away customers.

Online Visibility

Learn real ways to help your customer find you online.


Explore ways to get your customers to interact with your website.


Find out how to use words and images to hook a customer and turn them into a customer for life.


Is your website usable by everyone? Are loading speeds affecting your traffic?

Discover the five critical components to a successful website.

You’ve been suspecting for awhile that you’re missing hundreds, maybe even thousands, of customers online. You built your website so long ago that it has felt clunky and archaic for longer than you care to admit. Besides, where would you find the time? Where would you even start? It’s just easier to ignore it. Maybe you should just take your web address off of your business cards so you aren’t embarrassed by it.

Wait! Don’t do it! The internet can be an intimidating place, but you’re not alone, and your website still has hope. Trust me.

Over the past ten years, I have built hundreds of websites for business owners just like you. I have been on the front lines of technology and the front lines of small business, and am passionate about making the internet a friendly place for you and your business.

That’s why I have compiled a powerful website assessment guide that will give you all the tools you need to turn your website into your most valuable asset. Through evaluation guides and detailed action items, you’ll discover where your website can be improved with real steps that will help you transform your online presence.

Just like you’ve thought, you have a huge audience waiting for you out there. Your business and your website have every bit of potential to be competitive, engaging, and getting its share of the online marketplace.

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About the author.

David Lano is the owner of Control Yours, a web design firm based out of Kearney, NE. With over ten years of experience, he’s thrilled to share with you the extensive knowledge he has about websites, search engines, and how you can take control of your website’s online presence.