David Lano


I like to build things, I always have. It’s basic problem solving and I love it.

For me, web design and online marketing aren’t that much different than building the intricate block towers of my childhood. It’s collaboration. It’s solving problems in interesting and beautiful ways. And it’s making sure that the whole thing works together to stand tall and strong to set you apart from your competition.

But the thing I enjoy most about building towers is working with someone else. When you work with a partner, you come across unexpected and delightful solutions. A tower built with someone else often is built taller, stronger, and more unique than one built alone.

That’s why I’ve made collaboration and relationship the heart of Control Yours. Without you and your invaluable knowledge and experience, we couldn’t produce the quality of work that we strive for. You and your business matter and we truly want you to thrive online.

Since I started Control Yours in 2007, we have grown to collaborate with over 140 companies every single month. I work each and every day to provide support, suggest new techniques, and strategize with business owners to succeed online. I love it!

If you’d like someone to come alongside and help you build your business online, click the “Schedule a Meeting with David” button. I’d be happy to connect!

Who or what is the biggest inspiration to your job?

The "everyday entrepreneur". The guy or gal putting their nose to the grindstone, pouring their blood sweat and tears into their business. Every. Single. Day. I truly believe we ALL have something unique, something special, to contribute to this world and the people around us. I care a lot about these people, because well...they're like me. Every day I pull myself out of my bed and problem-solve marketing problems, communication problems, play with tech tools, meet with people, and experiment. All in the hopes of helping these people.

Five words that describe working at Control Yours.

Analytical. Inspirational. Challenging. Rewarding. LOL

What’s the first thing gone from the Control Yours snack cupboard? Is it your fault?

The Reeses peanut butter cups 🙄. Who's asking?

Who ends up making coffee the most in the office?

Matt. Poor Matt. I'm not sure how, or why. But it seems like his timing is always off. 😞 Matt, I'm sorry.

What would you do with a million dollars?

Ooo! 💰I'd probably buy an old run-down building downtown, fix it up, and start a co-working space here in Kearney, NE.

Pretend it’s 1980 and the personal computer hasn’t been invented yet. What would you do with your free time?

I'd probably start a logging company. Sounds like it could be fun? 🌲

If you could only play Clash of Clans, Spikeball, or Dominion until the end of your days, what would you choose?

Spikeball. Definitely Spikeball.