Website Redesign

Refresh with a redesign.

Already have a website, but it needs a little TLC? Or maybe even a full remodel?

There’s normal time and then there’s technology time. And in technology time, even two years can be ancient history.


It’s probably time for a redesign if:

  • You’ve stopped sending people to your website because you’re embarrassed by it.
  • Sometimes your website doesn’t work quite right or looks terrible on a mobile device.
  • Your website looks outdated or doesn’t represent your business well.
  • Clients and users complain about how difficult it is to use your website.
  • You get visitors, but they leave quickly and don’t interact with your site.
  • Your brand is changing or needs to be updated.
  • Your purpose is different than when you started.

At Control Yours, we believe a redesign should be more than simply updating your look.

It should be a shifting or a re-orienting that puts you in the best possible position for your next level of growth. That’s why with your redesign we:

Dive deep and ask the hard questions.

From making sure you have a clear and focused mission to honing your online business goals, we’ll make sure your website isn’t wasting your money or time.

Make your website look like your business.

If your branding is already on point, we’ll use that as our guide in the design process. If your branding hasn’t looked like you for a long time, we’ll start at the very beginning and create a logo and branding guide that you’ll be proud of.

Work to accomplish your business goals.

Whether you want to generate leads, make sales, or grow a following, we’ll direct everything - your words, buttons, images - towards that goal.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of your project, it will take our team approximately 2-3 months to take your website from ‘meh’ to ‘WOW!’

How does it work?

Here’s an idea of what you’ll experience:


Initial Strategy Meeting

This is where you’ll tell us all about your business, your website goals, and websites you like (and don’t like) to help us get to know you.


Next, we’ll send you an estimate based on what we learned during our initial strategy meeting.

Ready, set, GO!

Once you accept the estimate, we’ll get started working for you. . We’ll send you a welcome email complete with an approximate timeline and a link to our design and content questionnaire for you to fill out at your convenience.

Design & 'Next Steps'


At this point, we’ll connect you with one of our copywriters who will help you create a site map, ask you some questions about your business, and write words for your website that accurately reflect who you are and what you want your (potential) customers to know.


We’ll create a homepage mockup you love so you can visualize what your new website will look like. Once you’ve approved the mockup, you’ll sign up for the Control Yours membership, guaranteeing you the support you need once your website is live and allowing us to move into the development stage of the process.



After you’ve signed up for membership, you’ll receive an email with a timeline and projected website launch date.

The Build

Depending on the size and scope of the project, the development phase usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks. Each week you’ll receive updates about your project’s progress. Once we’re ready for feedback, you’ll receive a link to your staging website.


You’ll provide us with feedback, which we’ll implement right away.

Quality Assurance

Our team will conduct one week of quality assurance to make sure everything works and looks the way it should.



Your website is live! We’ll celebrate this historic occasion with you!

Ongoing Support

We then provide ongoing support through monthly creative recommendations,quarterly security updates, and access to our amazing team who’s always here to help!

Ismael Torres

Marketing Manager | Exchange Bank

Wendy Smeltzer Schardt

Director of Student Health | Peer Health

Josh Hanshaw

Executive Director | Kearney Area Children's Museum

Ismael Torres

Marketing Manager | Exchange Bank

I have worked on numerous projects with the Control Yours team, covering both non-profit and for-profit organizations, and I honestly appreciate how awesome they are at what they do. They have the ability to take an idea and make it come to life in a way that was better than I thought it could be. I love it. I love that I don't have to rack my brain with getting everything just right, but can trust that my thoughts and sentiment are well-received and improved on. They are worth getting to know and worth the investment!

Wendy Smeltzer Schardt

Director of Student Health | Peer Health

Working with Control Yours has been a fantastic experience. I am so impressed by their creativity, design ideas, and ability to connect with a message. Besides their stellar work, the team has a great deal of professional integrity. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Control Yours. Thanks to you and your dynamic team for all that you do!

Josh Hanshaw

Executive Director | Kearney Area Children's Museum

The Control Yours team is the best! Always so quick to reply and they answer my questions with patience. They provide our organization with just the right online solutions. I can't recommend them enough.

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