Digital Advertising

It's easy to throw your money at digital advertising haphazardly—But now it's time to invest in real results.

The success of your business online requires long-term focus, testing, adjusting, and optimizing. With a digital advertising package with Control Yours, you can choose an online marketing strategy custom designed for you to capture leads, grow your audience and gain ground in your industry.

Facebook/Instagram Campaign Build and Management

Convert prospects to paying customers with a targeted, comprehensive ad campaign. From initial ad to landing page and call to action, we'll help you get the measurable results you want.

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Google Ads Campaign Build and Management

Find your customers who are actively searching for your product or service. Show up at the top of their search page with a well-researched, focused Google Ads campaign.

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Find YOUR people!

Wondering how to get the right people to your website who turn into your favorite customers or best leads? Digital advertising is one of the most effective, targeted ways to find YOUR people and take your business where you want it to go.

What makes us unique?

Because we manage your website and manage your digital advertising, we’re able to configure tracking and see when your digital ads are paying off in actual website traffic!

What can you expect?

When you sign up for a digital advertising package with Control Yours, we talk with you about what you want out of your online advertising, then our team of friendly experts craft the advertising campaign and supporting content and design you need.

Once your campaign is live, we’ll manage it for you, making sure everything is running properly and working hard for you. If everything is going right, you’ll be making sales, growing your email list, and creating trust in your brand. And if it’s not, we make the necessary adjustments until we get it right.

With our expertise in digital advertising, your website will become the powerful sales tool you want it to be.

Digital Advertising Services

Build a Facebook/Instagram Advertising Campaign

Starts at

Take your advertising beyond $5 boosted posts.

Experience the real results of a comprehensive Facebook/Instagram campaign.

We’ll do research on your target demographic, the product or service you’re selling, and your competition. Once we’ve done our research, our copywriters, graphic designers, and developers go to work to craft a beautiful, step-by-step ad campaign that is easy for your prospective customers to use, and easy for you to make the sale, capture the email address, or grow your brand.

Your campaign includes a Facebook/Instagram ad, landing sales page, and a clear call to action either through product purchase or an opt-in form.

This package includes:

  • Strategy meeting to determine:

    • The goal for the new campaign
    • What outcome is expected
    • How the audience and market will be defined
    • What persuasive copy should be written
    • What creative will need to be designed
    • How performance should be tracked
    • What should be included in performance reports
  • Landing page design + copy + development + tracking

  • Facebook/Instagram ad created, including copy written and any graphics needed

  • Facebook pixel installed on the website

  • Custom conversion event(s) created in Facebook

  • Performance tracking setup

  • Facebook Business Manager account setup

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Campaign Management

Starts at

Turn up the heat 🔥 on your ad campaign.

As a monthly subscription service, you’ll gain a team of friendly experts monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting your Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns. Whether you’re building a campaign with us or have one already made, your campaign will have the attention it needs for your maximum return on investment.

Monthly ad management includes:

  • Performance tracking

    We’ll be checking weekly to track your ad’s performance.

  • Customized ad reports

    See engagements, clicks, conversions, and any other important stats for your business in a quick, easy-to-read format.

  • 30 minutes of ad support time

    Easily optimize keywords, swap out images, or make adjustments to copy. Any time devoted to your ad above and beyond the 30 minutes of ad support time will be billed according to your hourly rate.

  • Monthly meeting (phone or in-person) to assess results and consider any potential changes

**You will be responsible to monitor any/all engagement and respond to comments/messages on your own accord. We’ll do our best to monitor engagement and let you know when someone asks a questions, posts a comment, etc.

What others say about our digital advertising services

Jessica Robinson

owner of Walnut Range Farms

Ismael Torres

Marketing Director, Exchange Bank

Josh Goodbrake

owner Bodyworx

Jessica Robinson

owner of Walnut Range Farms

Working with the Control Yours team to do both print and web has been amazing. It's so much less work for me, less for me to remember, and everything looks cohesive. Also, everyone at Control Yours works so well together and is excited and passionate about what they do. There's no way I could have replicated that over multiple companies.

Ismael Torres

Marketing Director, Exchange Bank

I believe that the most glowing testimony of Control Yours' efforts in producing and tracking fantastic Facebook ads for Exchange Bank, will do little justice to what an amazing job they have done for us. Our partnership with David and his team is well worth every penny we've put toward making our brand and products known. If you haven't worked with Control Yours, you are missing out.

Josh Goodbrake

owner Bodyworx

Our online marketing went from nonexistent to awesome. Over the last 2 years, we've grown 20% every year and the only reason is because of Control Yours and Google ads. In fact, probably 80% of my business right now is coming from Google Ads. We've received a return on our investment by far.