Matt Schultz


With a background in graphic design, Matt loves how powerful design can be in conveying a message or emotion. He enjoys the challenge of accurately representing a brand while also creating a feeling or experience that the viewer can understand. From branding to designing websites to the occasional illustration, Matt always does his best to bring the highest aesthetic value to Control Yours and each of our clients.

When not at work, Matt enjoys gaming and creating art in more traditional mediums, such as acrylic, oil, and waterpaint.

Who or what is the biggest inspiration to your job?

The satisfaction of seeing someone connect with a design is what keeps me going. I've always been into personality tests, and though it sounds strange, a lot of design is trying to read someone's mind and gauging who they are. Accurately converting someone's vision into a tangible design is what drives me.

3 hashtags that describe David.

#SorryJustOneMoreTweak, #CoffeeAnyone?, #ClashRoyaleAddict

Five words that describe working at Control Yours.

welcoming | gratifying | creative | purposeful | dynamic

What’s the first thing gone from the Control Yours fridge or snack cupboard? Is it your fault?

Whenever we have granola bars... I am maybe 73% at fault.

Who ends up making coffee the most in the office?

The coffee brewing process is a bit like Russian roulette here at Control Yours - the owner of the last cup of coffee makes the next brew. Except.. is it still Russian roulette if you're the one that always conveniently finds the airpot empty?

Voted most likely to _______ in high school.

I decided to school it out for an art degree, so I was probably amongst the "most likely to be jobless" crowd 🤗. Showed them!

What would you do with a million dollars?

I always thought it'd be comically modest to buy a small one bedroom house to remodel and fill with the most expensive items and furniture money can buy. It seems like a not-overwhelming goal that'd actually be fun to do. Plus you were just given one million dollars.. you have to live inconspicuously for awhile, you know??

Work playlist?

Are the vocals reminiscent of ASMR whispers? Are there hazy twinkle guitar riffs contrasted by a lot of 'beep boops' no faster than 80 beats per minute? Then it's probably on my work playlist.

Pretend it’s 1980 and the personal computer hasn’t been invented yet. What would you do with your free time?

Put all of my efforts toward inventing a time machine so I can go to the 'future' where computers exist🤓. And painting, probably a lot of painting... Were they still using lead paint in 1980? Maybe just some good ol' pencil drawings, then.

If you could only design with three colors for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Assuming black and white don't count and I still have access to them... mustard yellow, a nice neutral orange, and a vibrant cyan.