Control Yours in 2009 Vs 2019

Teegan Nordhues

What’s your favorite glo up meme? Or your favorite 2009 vs 2019? If you’re anything like us, at least at one point this year your social media feed has been flooded with how people have changed over the past decade.

Also, if you’re anything like us, you might have had to google what “glo up” meant. If you haven’t yet, I’ll save you the hassle and paste it here:

“Glo Up (also known as “Glow Up”) is an internet slang term for gaining confidence, appearance and style from one time period to another.”

And then we thought, “dang! Control Yours has been in business for the past decade.” Quickly followed by, “omg we should totally do a glo up meme for our end of year blog post.”

So here it is, Control Yours, all glo’d up.

Control Yours Employees in 2009 vs 2019



Control Yours Members in 2009 vs 2019

24 vs 175:


Control Yours Office in 2009 vs 2019

Control Yours Services in 2009 vs 2019


Build and manage websites.


Build, manage, and design websites.
Content and writing services.
Branding and logo services.
Build, design, and manage Facebook and Google advertising campaigns.

Completed projects over the past 10 years


David in 2009 vs 2019

As we’re turning towards a new decade and the very futuristic-sounding 2020, we want you to know that all of our growth is for you.
We want to make the internet as easy as possible, as accessible as possible, and to put the control of your website into your hands.

We’ve got our new website and client dashboard nearly ready to go and I think once you experience all of the new features and capabilities, you’ll see we’re doing everything we can to walk that walk.

So please, reach out in the new year and let us know how we can help you thrive online. And then in 10 years, you can send us your own glo up meme 😄.