Our Creative Process

David Lano

I get asked a lot what our creative process is at Control Yours. It appears to be simple, but under the surface, it’s actually quite complicated. Let me explain.

Typically when I meet with a client over coffee they have something specific they’re wanting. Usually, it’s something like: “our website needs to be redesigned” or “we’re hoping to add some new features, like a gallery of photos”.

That’s a great place to start, however, what I’m really interested in (and my belief is, you are too!) is what sort of problem are you trying to solve? Usually, the request is driven by some sort of business objective. We’d be doing you a disservice if we simply tried to match you up with solution X, Y, or Z without taking the time to better understand your situation.

You see, as a business owner, you already know your company in an intimate way. You know what issues you face on a daily basis and even though it may require some focused thought or carefully selected questions to get you there; you probably have a good idea how, or what, you need to do to improve your business.

We listen, ask questions, and help you explore possible directions to take. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and as you know, creativity requires imagination. It’s important and necessary to imagine what could happen if you took action in one way or another.

You see, we need your vision and insight into your company as only you can provide. In turn, we add our expertise and experience into the mix. We give you options, and help you explore and discover the best way to help you answer that question of “what now?”.

The web is a visually rich medium. The awesome part of working with the online space, is we have so much control of the user’s experience. That’s where design comes in. Web design is so much more than just making something pretty. We’re more concerned with the answers to these question: “how is the user going to experience the design?”, “is this the best way to present this information or message?”, and finally “will they take action?”.So many perceptions, judgments, and decisions are based on how someone interacts with your website.

So many perceptions, judgments, and decisions are based on how someone interacts with your website. Whether you know it or not, they’re making assumptions about you and your business in a matter of seconds with how you’re presenting yourself online. We ultimately want to help you be intentional about that relationship with your prospects and customers.

This is just a start to the journey, and for many of our clients we’ve now been working with them for over 9 years through our Membership. We continually help our clients discover new ways to reach their customers online through our unique monthly Creative Recommendations. Why? Because just like your business doesn’t stand still, the web doesn’t either. A successful online presence requires continual progress and innovation. And that’s where we come into the mix.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our process, take a look at our Get Started page. It’s a great place to…well, get started! Of course, you’re also welcome to contact us, call, or leave a comment on this post if you’re curious to know what it’d be like to have us work with your company.

I have a feeling you might have a project in mind or something you’d like to pick our brain about. Go ahead, we’d be delighted to hear from you!