Started in Kearney, Nebraska in 2017, AGROdeviate ‘delivers innovation through the fusion of technology with agronomic and mechanical design’ with the goal of ‘increasing production and profitability for their customers.’ They value personal relationships and want to add value to the businesses of those they serve.

We were first introduced to the folks at AGROdeviate a number of years ago when they won our Control Yours 10-year-anniversary free website giveaway, and we have enjoyed working with them ever since! We currently host and provide ongoing monthly support for four of their websites: AGROdeviate, Hawkins, Grain Deacon, and W&A Manufacturing.

For the AGROdeviate site redesign in particular, Jace wanted to feature all of the products from the various sites on this one site. He wanted to have a simple menu that’s easy to navigate, and showcase their products via video headers. Rob, our developer, and Jace have worked closely together to make this project a success! We’re thankful that our team is able to assist in their business ventures and hope to continue working with them for many years to come!