Alley Rose

The Alley Rose is the epitome of elevated dining ‘on the Bricks’ in downtown Kearney and has been a ‘staple’ in our community for a long time! We’ve worked with Julie for over a decade now, managing The Alley Rose’s online presence, and—more recently—we redesigned the website from the ground up—providing a more immersive experience, highlighting catering and private event services, making online reservations a breeze, and showcasing the menu for quick reference!

For businesses in the restaurant industry in particular, it’s important for their customers to have fast access to the establishment’s phone number and menu, and help getting clear directions to their location, so we took special care in constructing the layout on mobile devices, keeping these things in mind. We also wanted to let the imagery on each page ‘speak for itself,’ allowing visitors to the site to imagine the joy they too, might experience in conversing with loved ones in such an environment—and dining on such delicious food! 🤤

We really value the presence of The Alley Rose in Kearney—and it is our joy to help manage their online presence! We hope you will join us in supporting them, so they stay in business for many, many years to come!