Anxiety Sisters

The Anxiety Sisters, Abbe and Maggie, are two vibrant women who have been clients of ours for a number of years! They came to us recently wanting a website redesign in light of the fact that Random House is publishing their first book set to be released in September of 2021!

Design-wise, Abbe and Maggie were hoping for a clean look with lots of white space so their book cover would stand out with its eye-popping oranges and yellows! They wanted us to highlight their ‘panic button’ as it currently gets more than 1,400 clicks per week, providing many of their clients with helpful support and valuable resources. Eventually, Abbe and Maggie think they would like to add eCommerce to their website as well, so we’re anticipating that option as a possible ‘Phase 2’ coming up.

Our team is very excited to be partnering with these passionate women as they seek to build their following online! We encourage you to check out their stories and take their advice—not to ‘go it alone!’—as we all need community to thrive and grow!