Badass Workbench is a company devoted to the people who don’t mind getting dirty and beat up to get the job done. Initially, owner Cody Freeze wanted a re-branding that reflected the hard working, badass clientele he was already serving.

When he approached us, he was wanting a new website and logo in time for trade show season. He had an idea in mind for the logo and worked closely with our graphic designers to craft exactly what he was looking for. We also helped him find a unique voice in his copy and content that was a little irreverent, a little over the top to capitalize on the company’s new name and image. In the end, we created a new website, branding guide, and a 25 page print product booklet outlining Badass Workbench’s products, accessories, and customization capabilities.

Cody discovered us through a recommendation of a mutual friend. He had had a bad experience with a different web company before, so his biggest concern was communication, and making sure we were able to listen and accurately create his vision. Since we particularly enjoy getting to know our clients, we were up for the challenge.

Cody had a clear idea for his rebranding imagery, so we chose to begin with his new logo. Working closely with him through a few iterations, we landed on a logo image and typography that would resonate with a tough, hard working clientele.

Once the logo was created, we focused on his website. We created a mockup that would match the logo and branding, and handed off the writing of the website to one of our copywriters. Since the name and logo was a little irreverent, our copywriter took the plunge and wrote content that fit the edgy, grease-stained image of the rebrand. Along with the website, we built a branding guide so that Cody would be able to maintain brand consistency as he moved forward.

Lastly, we put together a 25 page print booklet that Cody could use as a sales tool for tradeshow season. Created in the new branding style, the booklet outlines Badass Workbench’s products, accessories, and customization capabilities.

Once the website rebrand design was complete, our developers got to work building the new, edgier design. To customize the website to his needs, we crafted a couple of pieces of functionality to help his business run a little more smoothly. The first was a ‘Find a Dealer’ functionality that listed their details alongside a visual map. And the second was a special plugin where dealers could quickly and easily receive freight quotes for their products. Working closely with Cody, we made sure that everything ran smoothly and were the exact tools he needed.

Since Cody was relatively web savvy, we didn’t have to do a lot of training. However, we did create a custom video tutorial for him to ensure that he was familiar with the backend of his website and could find his way around.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • New, edgier logo

  • Branding guide

  • Product booklet for tradeshows

  • Website redesign, optimized for mobile

  • Special functionality to find dealers

  • Custom plugin for quick shipping estimates

  • Copywriting to match new branding

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Integrated newsletter sign up with Active Campaign.
  • Updated steel surcharges.
  • Switched site to a new domain.
  • Added the 3D configurator link to main navigation.
  • Enabled coupons and added promo code.
  • Updated copy on the Financing page.