Barista’s Daily Grind

There is seldom a person in Kearney who hasn’t been to—or at least heard of—Barista’s Daily Grind. Every drink they serve is a masterpiece, every inch of their store a study in extraordinary attention to detail. Plus, they’re incredibly friendly. The atmosphere at Barista’s makes you feel right at home and always welcome to return. Control Yours has worked with Barista’s for many years, growing and changing alongside them, and helping them improve their online presence. We sat down with Jasmin (over coffee, of course) to get a feel for her vision for the new redesign. We then set to work with the stunning images she provided us, endeavoring to create a website deserving of her incredible and interactive business. This will be the third website—the second redesign—that we’ve done for them, and we are so excited and proud to present it! As always, Barista’s was a joy to work with, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.