Bentley and Kisker PC

Bentley & Kisker PC was founded by Sandi Bentley and Linette Kisker in 2011. Their company provides bookkeeping, accounting services and more for clients of all types, ranging from individuals to corporations. They are dedicated to providing exceptional and timely service, and they are always striving to further educate themselves on the latest advances in their field.

Control Yours set out to create a website for Bentley & Kisker PC that was professional, informative, and easy to navigate. We used the colors and font of their logo as a base for the design, and we kept it simple with four main pages to present the needed information. We also highlighted three of their primary services on the home page of their website, ensuring that their visitors would find them right off the bat. We had a great time working with the ladies at Bentley & Kisker, and we wish them all the best!