Compass Nebraska

Compass began in 2007 with a simple purpose: to meet the needs of children in the foster care system. They made it their mission to challenge the church to support teens and host families, and they continued from there to expand their reach to helping children of all ages. Today, Compass provides services to over 150 children and families throughout Central and Western Nebraska. They offer a number of services including crisis intervention, consultation, and supervised visitation, and they are committed to helping children and families in every way they can.

Control Yours worked with Compass to create a website that would inform its visitors about their services as well as encourage individuals and families to lend their support to the cause. We designed a scroll-through home home page that includes bold titles and subtle imagery to provide information and a sense of what Compass is all about. In deciding the colors and overall design, we drew inspiration from their logo and used soft yellows and blues for the primary accent colors. We think Compass is doing incredible work, and we wish them all the best!