Created for cocoa lovers everywhere, Cup of Coa offers a variety of unique, gourmet cocoa blends. After extensive research and experimentation, Cup of Coa developed a specialty blend that gives careful consideration to all aspects of the drink: aroma, color, taste, mouth feel, and aftertaste. Their cocoa is now distributed by the locally-owned Barista’s Daily Grind. It is available for everyone, from restaurants and coffee shops to individuals.

Control Yours worked with Jasmin to create a website for Cup of Coa. We wanted to make it both artistic and inviting, and we used patterns and pictures for visually striking pages. Though fairly simple (with only five pages total), the Cup of Coa website covers all the essential information regarding the business, from its history to the cocoa’s uses. We had an awesome time working with Jasmin on the website, and we hope for her continued success!

Jasmin is the owner of Barista’s Daily Grind, a local favorite among coffee shops here in Kearney, Nebraska. She’s been a client of ours for a long time, and she’s always been an absolute joy to work with. When we heard she’d be taking up the reigns on another business—Cup of Coa—we were thrilled to be asked to work with her on designing a website for it.

Because Cup of Coa is an online-only business, we knew how important its website would be to its success. The goal was to reach out to other coffee shops and restaurants to show them the value Cup of Coa’s unique cocoa recipe could provide in their own drinks. Jasmin had quite a bit of preexisting brand material when she came to us, but in the end it was decided that it would be better to start from scratch. Our creative team created mock-ups for the entire website in order to conceptualize the ideas Jasmin had for each individual page. Our goal was to make the website both elegant and trendy, while also adhering to the overall theme of the business (which, of course, was cocoa).

The development stage for this project proceeded as usual. After reviewing the mock-up, our team worked with Jasmin and our creative team to implement and format the design, making sure it was beautiful and responsive across all platforms and devices. Though each page was very unique, the website overall was intentionally kept simple, and development was completed fairly quickly without any notable difficulties.

As a previous client of ours, Jasmin was already familiar with how to edit the site on her own. Even so, we were careful to build Cup of Coa in a way that would make updating its content easy for anyone else she might bring on board to help her with it.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • A beautiful and compellingly simple website to showcase Cup of Coa’s product.

  • A page detailing the company’s history and timeline.

  • The development of a logo and branding materials.

  • Refined copy for home and interior pages.

  • Crisp, earthy images and designs across the entire site.

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Adjusted the image fade on “Coa for You” page.
  • Reviewed and edited copy on contact page.
  • Updated phone number on home and contact page.
  • Prepared logo for tablecloth printing.
  • Advised regarding logo usage for t-shirts and printed materials.