Family Medical Specialties

Family Medical Specialties believes in the value of personal, long-lasting relationships between families and their healthcare providers. Since 1926, Family Medical Specialties has been providing a full range of quality healthcare services to help their patients monitor their health and treat medical issues of all types. Working out of their modern facility in Holdrege, Nebraska, Family Medical Specialties has a staff of educated and skillful physicians, nurses, and technicians who are ready to tackle any issue — or, if need be, to call in another medical specialist, ensuring that their patients are receiving exactly the kind of care they need. Family Medical Specialties deeply values all of their patients, and they work hard to safeguard the health of anyone who walks through their doors.

Control Yours worked with Family Medical Specialties to design a site that shows off the caring, dedicated mentality shared by every member of their staff. We used the bold colors of their logo and eye-catching fonts to represent the liveliness behind their practice. In addition to the more inclusive menu partway down the page, we also included two of the site’s most important pages — contact and the patient portal — at the top for easy access. We had an incredible time working with Family Medical Specialties, and we wish them all the best!