GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center

It was a joy to work with Eden with the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center to build her organization a new website! 🙌

The mission of the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center is to serve all women, cultures, and communities in achieving their educational, professional, and entrepreneurial goals. They are a sister organization to GROW Nebraska and strive to help women, minorities, immigrants, and families create and run successful businesses in our state. This is such an important endeavor! We’re thankful that we can walk alongside them in their work.

In addition to a new design and new functionality for their website—including the option to view the website in Spanish—we’re able to provide ongoing support for them through our website membership! Our basic website membership comes with 30 minutes of prepaid support time with our team each month as well as complimentary hosting, domain name registration, security and plugin updates, and more! We focus on your website so you can focus on running your business. 😄

We’re really pleased with how this website turned out and happy to play a small role in the mission of this excellent Nebraska-based organization! A big thank you to Eden, Janell, and all for your help in making this project a success! We’re delighted that you allow us to serve you!