Her View From Home is an online magazine for women to share their stories. From family and fashion to grief and celebration, the topics they cover span the entire life experience. Since their humble beginnings, Her View From Home has remained an honest and supportive community, connecting women (and men!) from all different walks of life. Today, their website averages over a million views per month, visiting from all over the nation and beyond!

We have enjoyed working with Leslie since 2012, and love that she’s always on top of being up-to-date, modern, and fresh. In October 2018 we completed her third redesign, focusing on mobile usability, increased engagement with infinite scrolling, and some back-end functionality to make it easier on the team to categorize posts. We didn’t think it was possible, but Her View From Home is now cleaner and more responsive than ever.

We have enjoyed working closely with Leslie from the very beginning. She has always has a clear vision for what she wants and has been incredibly patient with us as we work to get exactly what she is looking for. Through multiple redesigns, we’ve worked closely with her to create a site that is always clean, modern, and easy to use.

By the time we were designing their website for the second time, Her View from Home had become quite successful. They had a whole collection of dedicated authors and tons of ideas for improvements to their site. During the development phase, we gave special attention to single blog post pages, advertisements, individual author pages, and other features they had requested. Because they had such a massive amount of content at that point, we spent a lot of time filtering through and organizing everything as we implemented the new design.

During the latest redesign in October 2018, mobile usability was at the top of the list, as well as infinite scrolling, and some back-end functionality to help categorize posts. The home page became super clean, and incredibly easy to read.

The ladies at Her View From Home are fairly savvy when it comes to managing their site. Though we're always ready to jump in if they encounter any issues, and we're eager to answer any question that may come up, they've rarely had much trouble updating and adding new content to their site. (They're bloggers, after all. They're practically web gurus already.)

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • A beautiful, easy-to-update website that allows access by multiple authors.

  • A sidebar that includes national advertisements and recipe quick links.

  • Custom individual author pages.

  • Implementation of payment calculation system for writers.

  • Popup on home page encouraging newsletter signup.

  • Customized MailChimp campaigns based on category RSS feeds which are automatically emailed on scheduled dates.

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Assistance with iPad issues on the mobile site.
  • Updating newsletter signup form.
  • Setting up comment notifications for authors.
  • Helping with SEO website adjustments.
  • Improving performance on blog post pages.
  • Design and implementation of new layout for "Meet Her Writers" page.