Kinnison Homes

Ben and Kelly came to us with an outdated website, greatly in need of a redesign! They were in the process of making some changes to the direction and focus of their business. Ben had recently received his real estate license, so they wanted to be sure and include that new service on their website. They were also wanting to feature their remodels rather than just their custom home builds.

Ben and Kelly wanted a website that was image-heavy, to showcase their projects and transformations but wanted to simultaneously share their mission and story. Making it easy for potential customers to schedule a consultation was a top priority too! And the testimonials—real words from real people who’d trusted Kinnison Homes to meet their home needs —added an element of credibility, affirming what good people Ben and Kelly are and what good work they do!

It was a joy to work with Ben and Kelly on this project! If you’re looking to transform your space from ordinary to sanctuary, we think you’ll want to consider this local, Kearney-area business!