MNB Realty

MNB Realty is a locally-owned, full-service real estate company that has been in business in McCook, Nebraska, for over 35 years. Its brokers and agents have comprehensive experience in residential, commercial, and farm and ranch properties. They are known to go out of their way to provide their customers with superior service.

One way MNB Realty wanted to improve its customer service was through its website. Although the company had an existing website, it wasn’t as easy for customers to use as they had hoped. The property listings were not generated automatically, and it was time-consuming for the MNB Realty team to add in the newly available properties one at a time.

Control Yours worked side-by-side with MNB Realty to create a website redesign that was mobile-friendly, modern, and easy-to-use. It was important to the company that the redesign was simple and clean, and that it made it easy for potential customers to search for available properties and sort the results by property type, price, and newest listings.

MNB Realty now has an integrated MLS, so listings are automatically added for towns within their area. We are hopeful that the new, streamlined website design will prove to be a better overall experience for both the MNB Realty team and their customers.