Morris Better Bookkeeping

Cory is an all-around good guy—and the cream of the crop when it comes to accounting and budgeting! We were so excited to build him a website that showcases his unique, transparent approach to stress-free bookkeeping for business owners!

Our main goal with the Morris Better Bookkeeping site was to make it more action-oriented, so Cory could begin driving more traffic there. He wanted the website to be ‘boringly easy’ and ‘super simple’ to almost subconsciously communicate he makes his client’s bookkeeping easy and fun (hard to believe, we know! 😉) Cory was very intentional about his choice of CTAs (calls-to-action) on each page of his site. Eventually, he may want to add an eCommerce store to his website where customers can purchase DIY accounting pdf files for a small fee.

We’re grateful to be partnering with Cory as he seeks to grow his business. As a Control Yours website member, he receives regular security and plugin updates, 30 minutes of prepaid support time each month, and much more. It’s our joy to serve Cory and we look forward to growing our working relationship with him over time!