Reliant Transportation

Control Yours had the privilege of redesigning the Reliant Transportation website in 2023! The President and CEO of Reliant, Steve, reached out a while back as he wanted to give their site a fresh look and especially wanted to communicate that the company is not just about what they haul or where they haul it, but is primarily about people–their employees, their drivers and the clients they serve. If you get a chance to spend even a minute with Steve, you’ll be able to see his joy of and love for people! (P.S. Ask him about his wife’s love of quilting some time! )

The Reliant Transportation team worked hand in hand with us to make sure their new website site represented their brand and business well. They really wanted to make sure their drivers—as well as potential customers—could easily find the information they needed to make their lives easier. They also wanted to utilize some stellar video footage of their fleet hard at work! We interspersed some great testimonials and photos of their team throughout their site—and added some icons with fun facts about their team to the About page. We also carefully optimized their new website for mobile as over half of all web traffic is now generated via smartphones, so it’s of utmost importance to get that aspect of websites looking and functioning at a high level.

Reliant Transportation has a great team and we feel blessed to work with them! We were excited to assist them with this redesign project—and we look forward to helping them maintain and care for their website, because as a business grows and changes over time, so should their website.