Rural Revenue Cycle

The Rural Revenue Cycle website is the 4th site we’ve built for Jackie—and she is always a joy to work with! This site, in particular, is focused on helping rural medical facilities develop a strong revenue cycle foundation. Doing so leads to two things: 1) assured compliance and 2) maximized operational cash flow—both of which are essential to building and maintaining good healthcare systems in more rural areas.

To save on cost, Jackie compiled all the needed copy and even did her own design mock-ups—and she did a stellar job! (Side note: Please don’t feel like you would need to do all this ‘leg work’ on your own if you decided to have us build you a website…we do have an excellent copywriter and designer who are accustomed to these sorts of things! 😉 🙌)

There’s a chance we might be adding some user portal functionality to the Rural Revenue Cycle website down the road as well. We often work with our clients to build their websites in phases—and we provide ongoing website management support to all our clients as well. This way our clients don’t feel overwhelmed or alone in updating and caring for their sites.

All of this to say, we were quite pleased to partner with Jackie on this Rural Revenue Cycle project! She’s doing important work and we’re glad she chose our team to lend a helping hand!