ruralMED is a medical service organization based in Nebraska. As the urban healthcare industry continues to expand, ruralMED is dedicated to helping independent clinics and rural hospitals improve and thrive. It is their vision to positively impact healthcare in Nebraska by collaborating with healthcare providers to create healthier communities, better healthcare, and strong, lasting relationships between clinics and hospitals. ruralMED offers consulting, resources, and an on-site administration program to support healthcare providers in whatever way is best for them.

Control Yours worked with ruralMED to design a site that highlights their mission to empower healthcare providers. We kept each page simple to ensure that visitors would be able to locate the information with ease, learning more about what ruralMED does and what services they offer. We used warm, uplifting colors to imbue the site with positive energy, and we employed rural images to visually represent the kind of communities they work in. We had a wonderful time working with the team at ruralMED, and we wish them all the best!