Project Story: Body Worx

Teegan Nordhues

We’re excited to launch a new series of project stories that will help you get to know our clients a little better and what we do for them.

Check out our first one highlighting BodyWorx, a collision repair shop in Kearney, Nebraska.

An Adwords Success Story


Josh Goodbrake, owner of BodyWorx in Kearney, Nebraska, had been working to reach his market through direct mail and word of mouth, when it became apparent after speaking with clients and friends in the industry that an online presence was essential for the success of his business.

Keeping pace with the industry

As a collision repair shop specializing in heavy duty vehicles such as buses, RVs, and semis, potential clients preferred to see a portfolio before placing a call. “My clients do a lot of online searching. They do the research to find what they need and who’s the best before they make the call. Without an online presence, I was missing out on that,” says Josh.

He didn’t search long before deciding on David and Control Yours. Josh explains, “We looked at a couple of different options, but it became apparent from David’s reputation and his previous projects that we would get the best service from David and the Control Yours team.”

An expanding online presence

Josh initially asked Control Yours to build just his website, but once it was completed, he knew he had only touched the tip of the internet iceberg. He approached David again to see if they could tap into Google Adwords and online advertising. David couldn’t have been more excited, “At the time I was just getting really interested about online marketing strategy, and Josh was willing to experiment and try several different strategies to find one that worked for them.”

Control Yours started by building three Google Adwords campaigns that, when clicked, led a prospective client to a unique sales page called a landing page. They then devoted a small daily budget towards the campaigns to observe what sort of competition they were up against. With a few dollars a day over the three different campaigns, they were able to tell which keywords were effective, and where to put their money. Once it became apparent which keywords and dollar amounts worked the best, they upped their dollar amount and pushed the best ads to the top.

The Google Adwords gold mine

Once the campaign was launched, David and the Control Yours team actively monitored the ads and tracked the conversions that took place. David explains, “Josh’s industry is unique in that most of his traffic ends up coming through the phone. So we created a button on the landing page to click on the phone number, and we’re able to track how many people click on that button. And since Josh is able to ask the prospect how they found BodyWorx, we’re able to accurately determine how effective the campaign is.” Since the campaign began nine months ago, BodyWorx has received 59 phone calls, with some calls converting to jobs in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Now that the campaign has been running consistently well, they review the performance of the ads monthly and meet with Josh and his team to get a pulse of what their workload is like to know if the campaign should be scaled up, scaled back, or adjusted in any way. “What’s so exciting about online advertising is that it’s flexible and immediate. If it’s not working, we adjust. If it’s working too well, we adjust. It really can suit the needs of any size of business,” says David.

Josh has been thrilled with the results, “As a small business, we can’t hire a full time marketing director – we just can’t justify that. But being able to work with Control Yours where we’re at right now is incredible.” He continues, “I just hope to continue and take advantage of every form of marketing Control Yours offers at least once. There’s still a lot of work and market share out there and I hope to uncover that treasure with the help of the Control Yours team.”

If you have any questions on how we can get you started with online advertising, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to connect with you!