The About Page

Jared Cline

Here at Control Yours we’ve noticed a common question from clients: “What should we include on our “About Us” page?” In this lesson we’re going to cover the basics of writing content based on what people need and want to see when they click on your About Us page.

The Basics – The About Us page is supposed to give visitors a sense of who you are; what you’re about; the people in your organization; maybe a brief history. Nothing complicated.

Keep it Simple – People tend to think they need to write a novel or that they need to sound formal to sound like a credible business. However, most people find it easier to relate with a human. Be creative, but keep the verbiage short to grab and hold the reader’s attention. A simple company vision or mission is a great piece of content to include on this page!

Show and Tell Do you have a cool story about your business’s origin or the products/services you offer? Be sure to make note of it! Anything you can say to make you look less corporate and seem more personal is a huge advantage. Not only that, but a good story can spread like a wildfire once people read and pass it on. 

Say Cheese – Everyone wants to see a welcoming face for a business, so adding pictures of employees to a team section can go a long way. Your pictures don’t have to be professionally taken… just have fun and smile! A friendly face on your website gives potential customers confidence that they’ll enjoy meeting you at your physical location or on the street!

Did we miss anything?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any specific questions or would like us to talk about something we missed.  Surely we didn’t think of everything!  🙂