We Need to Talk About Your Brand

Rebekah Pike

When we talk about marketing, what we often focus on is the product. What does it do? Why is X product better than Y product? What problem does it solve for the customer? How should we set the price point?

These are all necessary questions to ask if you want to thrive as a company. But in a lot of ways, you’re never just selling a customer on your product. You’re selling them on YOU. And that’s why we need to talk about your brand.

What does your customer know about YOU?

If that question is giving you déjà vu, you’re probably remembering that I wrote something similar to this, only in reverse. That was my post on getting to know your customer, using targeted market research. If you missed that one, you can catch up on it here!

If market research is a science, based on data, then branding is an art, rooted in storytelling.

Once you have a solid understanding of your ideal customer and what makes them tick, it’s time to introduce your story to that person in a meaningful, personal way.

Branding is a big topic and there’s a lot to think about here, but here are a few guiding principles to start with.

Think way beyond your company logo.

If your brand is your story, then hopefully your company logo does a good job of reflecting that. You definitely want all the various elements of your marketing strategy to work together! So maybe I should say that while your company logo is part of your brand, it’s not your brand on its own.

But while we’re on the topic of logos, this is as good as time as any to ask yourself if your company’s graphic design could use a little update. Maybe you’ve never had a chance to really analyze your logo and other design elements from a branding standpoint.

If you’re wondering what the process of creating a logo that reflects you and your company’s unique brand is like, check out this story from one of our clients! I think you’ll find Polly’s experience relatable and hopefully inspirational as well.

Effective branding reflects your purpose as a company.

Answer this: why does your company exist?

No pressure. 😅

Here’s why this question matters … too often, companies don’t take the time to really define who they are and why their story is different than their competition.

Truthfully, you’re probably not selling a completely unique product that only you can deliver. In fact, I’m sure you could name several other companies in your region that are selling some variation of your product.

So – why should a customer choose you?

This is where your brand is everything! Keep in mind that a good product only goes so far with a customer. One significant trend we’ve seen in recent years is that more customers are giving their money to companies that reflect and promote shared values.

When you share why your company and your product is important to you and how you’re using your product to impact your community – that resonates with the consumer. Effective branding tells your story and invites the customer to be part of it.

Here’s a real-world example from one of our clients, Walnut Range Farms. Forrest and Jessica did a terrific job telling their story, explaining why their mission as a company is important to them and what makes them different from the competition. Their marketing is successful because it communicates their values and invites the customer to join their story.

And here’s the final point …

Content tells your story, and content is still king. 👑

The axiom “Content is king” is admittedly well-worn in marketing circles. But we still repeat it, because it is still true. The only way to communicate your brand – who you are and what is important to you – is through thoughtful, smart, curated content. If you’ve already done the work and you’re seeing results and positive feedback, congrats! That’s awesome! But if you’re not quite sure your content is telling the right story, then you have an opportunity for growth and we would absolutely LOVE to help you out! Click here to connect with us and set up a meeting!

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