Julie LeFeber

Client Relations

Julie’s favorite thing is making sure that people feel happy and heard! 🙂 To this end, she enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies, delivering flowers, writing handwritten notes, and listening to anyone who has a hurt or a need.

With degrees in Psychology and Gerontology (the study of aging), Julie has – over the years – taught preschool, worked as an Activities’ Director at a retirement home, and spent a good bit of time as a stay-at-home mama to her four children. She is also a shareholder in Western Integrated Seed, and dabbles in real estate and rentals some.

With any ‘leftover time,’ Julie tries to cram in as much reading and writing as possible, particularly delighting in theology and poetry. She also finds joy in singing hymns loudly, playing Spikeball, being in absolute awe of nature/creation, and beating her husband, Nathan, soundly at ping pong (even without her glasses on!)

Who or what is the biggest inspiration to your job?

My biggest inspiration is this burning desire to ensure our clients and our team both know joy and beauty and love day by day. So whether that means crafting a gentle email, writing a handwritten note, making a smoothie run, surprising someone with flowers or a gift card...I’m all in!

Five words that describe working at Control Yours.

Rewarding. Welcoming. Grace-filled. Joyful. Awe-inspiring.

Pretend it’s 1980 and the personal computer hasn’t been invented yet. What would you do with your free time?

I would spend a whole bunch of time at my grandparents’ farm, reliving the glory days (and yes, I’m old enough to actually remember the 1980s - ha!) — wandering through the pasture, sliding down the corn cob pile, wading in the river, exploring the old barn, collecting sticks and rocks and bugs, laying in the sun and feeling it warm my cheeks, reading Little House on the Prairie contentedly under the cottonwood trees...