Brand new website? Here’s what you need to know.

Rebekah Pike

Congratulations! It’s a brand new, baby website!! ??

Now what? ?

I’m not going to tell you that launching a website and raising a newborn human are the same thing (because that would be crazy), but if you’re the proud (and nervous) owner of a new website and you’re not quite sure what to do next, this blog post is for you.

Unfortunately, you can’t just build a website and expect it to run itself and draw in oodles of new clients, like a magnet.

(PSA: this does not apply to your website ?)

Back in an earlier phase of the World Wide Web just having a website – any website, really – put you way ahead of the competition. But in the current digital landscape, just having a web presence isn’t going to do the trick. If your website is going to compete and become the go-to for potential clients, you need a solid strategy.

Got a few questions? Terrific. We’ve got all the answers! ?

Q: I’ve got my website up, but I’m not getting any visitors! S.O.S!

This is one of the most common questions we get and it’s obvious why – what’s the point of having a website, if you’re not seeing any traffic there? Luckily, this is a very fixable problem.

Before we go any further – VERY IMPORTANT – you need to make sure to “index” your site with Google. If your site isn’t indexed, then Google has no idea that you even exist. ?

In a nutshell, indexing a site means that you introduce your site to Google (and other search engines) and then those search engines will visit your site periodically to “index” any new data you add. Indexed information about the content on your site will be used to connect your site with keyword searches.

This article gives a thorough break-down of how to index your site and make sure that search engines know where to find you.

Once you’re sure that your website is visible in search results, you can start using paid advertisements to direct visitors to your website.

With so many websites out there competing for clicks, waiting for users to find you organically isn’t an efficient way to get traffic to your site. By taking advantage of paid advertisements, like Google Adwords, you can target the customers you want and push your website ahead of the pack.

Once you’ve got the basics covered, you can level up to some fine-tuning strategies. It’s time to work on your search engine optimization or SEO. If it sounds intimidating, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Download our FREE Get SEO Fit Guide you’ll be on your way!

P.S. Keep in mind that Control Yours can manage your online ad campaigns, so that you can get back to the stuff that really matters (you know, taking care of clients, hanging with your family – that stuff). Interested? Let’s talk!

Q: My website looks AMAZING (thanks, CY ?), but also … empty. How do I fill all these pages??

This is another common problem with new websites; they might have a sleek, modern design, but beyond that, they’re kinda … boring. They need personality! This is where the magic of content creation comes in.

If you’re ready to go the DIY route with some new content, we’ve got a great post with lots of helpful tips – check it out right here!

If you’re feeling less than magical when it comes to creating dazzling content yourself, you can always call in one of our expert content wizards to help you out! ?‍♂Control Yours offers our clients a full range of editing and writing services. All you have to do is ask and POOF! Content magically appears! Okay, it’s slightly more complicated than that. But still painless and possibly even fun. I promise.

Q: I’m on social media, but I’m not seeing much engagement there. Where are my peeps at??

Social media is one of the best ways to funnel traffic to your website. But there’s a LOT more to it than setting up a Facebook page and posting a status update every once in a while. In fact, organic reach – engagement driven solely by posting lots of good content – is actually declining. Bummer, right?

But don’t worry. There are still lots of really good ways to use social media to your advantage. The content you post on social media is still VERY IMPORTANT, so keep those pages fresh and updated! But the real key is to start placing targeted ads on social media platforms.

Not sure which platforms to focus on? We’ve got a whole blog post on choosing the right social platform for your company – check it out!

Q: Ugh. I understand that I need to improve my content and get my advertising on point – but who has the time??

Yup. We feel ya. Managing a website, updating content and keeping tabs on your online advertising campaign can feel like a full time job – and you’ve got a business to run, right??

Let us help you out! Our membership program can handle all the technical updates your website needs, PLUS we give you 2-3 monthly creative recommendations! Membership means that our team has your back and we’ll keep your website in tip-top shape.

Are you a CY fan who’s ready for a little extra website magic? ?

If you’re ready to go big, we can put together a totally customized content or advertising plan just for YOU! Send us an email or give us a call – we’d love to talk about your project!

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