DIY vs. Professional Websites

DIY vs. Professional Websites – Here’s What You Need to Know

Rebekah Pike

Should you hire a web developer? Should you DIY your website? Let’s talk about this DIY vs. professional website debate.

Spoiler alert – we’re a bit biased on this question. I know. I’m as shocked as you are. 😆 But even though we’re pretty vocal about our passion for a made-from-scratch website, we also realize that many small businesses have good reasons for not going with a custom design (at least not right away).

Yes. You heard me right. This is in fact NOT a shameless sales pitch for Control Yours.

At least not entirely. 😉

Our goal is for you to get the website that’s right for your company. So let’s dive into the DIY vs. professional website debate and help you find the solution that works best for your business.

Just starting out? A DIY site might be right for you.

A DIY site might work if your company is brand new and not generating serious profits yet.

If you’re a brand new business and the budget for marketing efforts is tight, a DIY site might be the right place to start. Just know that there’s a high probability that you’ll need to upgrade and expand your website in the future, which may require a developer’s expertise.

We don’t want to dismiss the potential benefits of an inexpensive DIY website, because we recognize the value they have for many start-up companies. Sometimes what you need right now is a website address to put on your brand-new business cards, just to make things official.

But …

Let’s say it’s two years from now and your business is picking up steam. Yay! Suddenly, your website is fielding more traffic and more demands than ever before.

👉 Do you still have the time to handle all the content updates, technical tasks and all the little fixes that websites need to function properly?

👉 Is the DIY site you have accurately representing your brand and actively engaging your ideal customer?

👉 Do you have the right tools to identify, track and engage all your website traffic? Is your website successfully converting visitors into happy customers?

👉 Is your website actively working behind the scenes to generate new leads and gather important data about your customers?

👉 Can you trust your website to guide visitors through a thoughtfully-planned customer journey (hopefully one ends with them hitting that purchase button)?

This is often the point where we see businesses start to struggle with their websites. There’s only so much you can do on the DIY platforms and if what they offer doesn’t match your evolving brand, your customer’s expectations, or your design vision … well, you’re out of luck.

What makes professional website design different?

In a nutshell? It’s personal.

It’s true that the website-in-a-box companies have evolved a lot over the years and offer some sophisticated e-commerce solutions and sleek, modern designs. But ultimately, you’re getting the same templates and features as all their other customers.

When you work with a professional web design firm, the sky’s the limit in terms of what your website can do! It’s a very different experience than choosing from a limited menu of options.

In the DIY vs. professional website debate, here’s why we think custom websites are special (bias noted 😅):

Benefit #1: You’ll get a distinct & unique look for your brand

Your website is your business’s first impression. So why would you want it to look like your competitor’s website? The obvious benefit of a custom design is that it’s custom. We’re big on understanding the “why” behind your business and we think every client deserves to have their story and vision integrated into every detail of their website. We’ll ask you lots of questions and make sure we get everything exactly right.

Benefit #2: You’ll get a superior customer experience

Next-level customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the direct result of thoughtful design and planning. An experienced, full-service web design firm can help you map out your customer journey and create a seamless, intuitive pathway through your website that makes hitting that purchase button seem irresistible. It’s a big picture perspective that goes way beyond the site itself.

Could you do this same thing with a DIY site? Maybe, depending on your comfort level with the platform. But you’re probably a little bit busy with running your business, right? 😅 Working with a professional means that you’re not trying to figure out the magic formula of design and content on your own.

Benefit #3: You’ll get total ownership and control of your website

One of the biggest downsides of DIY websites is that the tools and content (templates, images etc.) provided by the platform aren’t yours to keep. You’re paying for the right to use them, but you can’t change platforms and take your website with you.

If you start with a custom design, it’s actually yours. You’re in control. We believe so strongly in this idea that it’s literally the name of our company. The website that we help you bring to life is yours and that’s the way it should be.

Benefit #4: You’ll have a team to call when you need help

Websites are tricky. It’s true. They need regular updates, tune-ups and tweaks. And as technology evolves and your business grows, that website that worked great a few years ago might be ready for a top-to-bottom redesign. This is all incredibly normal. The question is … who can you call when something goes wrong?

Customer service is at the heart of everything at Control Yours. The last thing we want is for you to be sitting in the office at midnight struggling to figure out why your website isn’t working. In fact, we started our membership program to address this very problem! A membership with CY means that the technical stuff – domains, hosting, software updates, etc – gets taken care of automatically. Plus, you can choose the level of monthly support time that works for you.

Time to start over and redesign the whole site? We’ve got you covered there too.

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