Do I Need to Hire a Professional Photographer?

Rebekah Pike

You may have noticed a theme taking shape over our past several blog posts here. We’ve been talking about content – specifically, how to take your website’s content from “okay” to “extra-especially great.”

Why are we so obsessed with content?

Remember: content tells your story.

You might have the greatest product or the best service in the world to sell (obviously – you’re awesome!). But if the words and images you’re using aren’t projecting a clear, consistent brand or identity, it’s going to be much more difficult to pull in new clients.

Content isn’t just about your company website – what you want is content that creates a cohesive narrative anywhere you have web presence. This means that whether I land on your website’s homepage or scroll through your Facebook feed or watch your Instagram stories, I should be able to see a common thread of words and images that accurately represent your unique brand.

We’ve already covered web writing basics and creating a productive blogging routine – so let’s switch gears for a minute and talk about photography. ?

You might be wondering, “If we’re all savvy to the world of instant, smartphone photography and social media sharing now, why hire a professional photographer for my business? Why can’t I just snap some decent iPhone pics and call it a day?”

Ultimately, this is a personal decision based on your type of business, your marketing strategy, what kind/how much advertising you do, etc. But if you’re ready to look at all the options…

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. A pro photographer can work as a fresh set of eyes – someone who can see potential where you might be overlooking it. You might not realize that your office looks more spacious and inviting from a certain corner or that the lighting is particularly flattering from a specific angle, but those things will be obvious to a professional immediately. They can help you figure out the best products and placements to highlight, the best angles to accent in a space and they have the benefit of professional image editing software that will make every picture look its best.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of delegating – running your own business sometimes feels like trying to drink from a fire hose, right? It’s 24/7 and you’re probably filling approximately 1,543 job descriptions already. We get it! There is a huge value in delegating a task to someone who you know has the skills and equipment to do it well and who you can trust to deliver a great product.

3. Keep in mind that a photo package can be a terrific value for your business – even with the upfront cost. When you get your images back from the photographer, think bigger than just your website’s homepage. You can use those pics on your Facebook feed, on Instagram, in emails to clients – there is a ton of marketing potential there. Think of it as an investment in your business – something you do once and get to use over and over again to build your brand.

That said, the initial cost is still something to consider. Many businesses – especially brand new ones – don’t have a ton of cash ? to put toward marketing. But even with a small budget, a pro photo session can be a smart choice.

Consider swapping services.

Got a friend who’s a photographer? They might jump at the chance to get some freebie services from you in exchange for a photo session.

Another idea is hiring a new photographer – someone who’s just launching their business. They might be willing to negotiate a lower rate, just to build their portfolio.

Also, your photo session doesn’t have to be hours long, with hundreds of images. Think small, but efficient. Thirty minutes and 5-10 professional pictures might be the best fit for your budget and you’ll still be getting a quality product that will represent your brand well.

All this talk about content might have you wondering if your current website needs a tune-up. Great question! Download our Website Assessment Guide – it’s jam packed with simple tips and advice that will have your site looking its best in no time.

And remember – we’re here to help you. If you’re ready for a brand new website, a fresh redesign or just a little help updating your existing content, we’d love to talk! Send us an email or give us a call – we’ll help you figure it all out.