Let’s Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates

David Lano

SSL certificates have commonly been used for websites collecting payment details or for websites housing account information for users. However, like so many other things on the web, times have changed. It’s become more and more important to configure an SSL for every website.

If you see a website that starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP when looking at the address bar in your browser, you’re viewing a page that’s been secured with an SSL certificate. In Chrome, it will look something like this:


This means that any information you submit through a form on this page will be encrypted and sent securely to the server. Security isn’t the only benefit, however. Google has also revealed that they will soon use HTTPS as a ranking signal.

The GREAT news for you is Let’s Encrypt (a certificate issuing authority) is now providing free SSL’s! If you’re interested in learning more about how an SSL can benefit your business or want us to configure one for your website, just let us know!